Southampton Hub is a student-led group, passionate about tackling social issues and having a positive effect in the local community. Together, we have the power and potential to shape a better world!

Staff Support Team

All committee members and volunteers will benefit from having two members staff to support you: the Southampton Hub Manager and Programmes Manager.

The Southampton Hub Manager is Catherine Taplin-Thorpe. Catherine's job is to oversee the committee, lead the delivery of all volunteering projects excluding, work with our community partners, contribute to impact measurement and deliver core training and support to volunteers!

The Southampton Hub Programmes Manager is Sapthi Santharuban. Sapthi's job is to support project co-ordinators to deliver youth programmes to a high quality, communicate with community partners and support students to incubate new projects in Southampton.

If you ever want to find out more about what we're up to, whether to get insight into the roles, learn how you can support our work or simply find out more about us, get in touch.

The People Behind The Magic

Southampton Hub is made up of all you wonderful students doing volunteering, campaigning and running events - however, if you want to talk to someone directly about our activities, then these are the people you're looking for:

  • Catherine Taplin-Thorpe - Southampton Hub Manager
  • Sapthi Santharuban - Youth Projects Officer
  • Nicki Ashworth - Hub President
  • Nadya Longstaff - Vice President
  • Jules Anderson - Treasurer
  • Zara Campbell - Communications Officer
  • Weronicka Szczepan - Schools Plus Coordinator
  • Alex Stilgoe - Libraries Plus Coordinator
  • Adelia Bernard-Patel - Branch Up Coordinator
  • Megan Sheridan - Empower Coordinator
  • Jess Shum - Invent Plus Coordinator
  • Holly Baker and Chante O'Shaughnessy - Inspire, Debate, Change Co-ordinators
  • Currently Vaacnt - BioCycle Coordinator

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board ensures that Southampton Hub thrives as a result of being well embedded in the university and community environment. By bringing together individuals and organisations with varied perspectives and expertise, our Advisory Board helps the Southampton Hub to identify which activities to prioritise, as well as ensuring coordination of messaging and activities with other stakeholders. The Board meets 2-3 per academic year.

If you would like to get involved in the Advisory Board, contact Catherine, Southampton Hub Manager at


Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner