Southampton Hub supports students to volunteer in placements in the local community. These placements build students' skills, develop their network and support them to tackle social issues. Students receive bespoke training and support throughout from a dedicated and experienced staff team.
Volunteering placements
  • Schools Plus helps young people to achieve their academic potential by matching them with university student tutors. Find out more here.
  • Libraries Plus is a branch of Schools Plus, with homework clubs hosted at local libraries by university student tutors.
  • Branch Up supports local disadvantaged 7-11 year old children by connecting them with student mentors on activity days. Find out more here.
  • Empower is a 1:1 mentoring scheme which matches university student mentors with school students at risk of underachieving. Find out more here.
  • BioCycle is Southampton's first student-led food waste recycling scheme! Find out more here
  • Branch Up Active supports local disadvantaged 7-11 year old children by connecting them with student mentors on activity evenings. Find out more here.
  • Active involves activity-based mentoring and sports activities for 11-15 year olds. Find out more here.
  • LinkAges takes the loneliness out of old age by connecting students to opportunities to help local older people. Find out more here.
  • Local Action provides one-off volunteering opportunities for anybody to apply and get involved in. Find out more here.
How long do I have to commit to a project?
Other than our Local Action opportunities, we expect all volunteers who sign up and successfully get through their selection workshop to commit to our projects over several weeks.
For Schools Plus, Code Plus, Empower and Libraries Plus:
  • We expect at least one term of volunteering, which typically lasts around 6 weeks with an induction before your placement starts. Most volunteers continue into semester two, although you may choose to swap placement to a different school or location in the second semester.
For Branch Up and Branch Up Active:
  • We ask that all volunteers pay £15 for their DBS deposit before Branch Up begins, and we will return this money once you have attended 5 activity days. For Branch Up Active, your deposit will be returned upon completion of 4 activity days.
  • We have many volunteers who attend all or most of these days (12 activity days across the year for Branch Up, 6 activity days for Branch Up Active) and volunteer continuity is much better for our young people involved in the project!
For BioCycle:
  • We ask that all volunteers commit to at least 4 food waste collection sessions throughout the semester.
Alongside running volunteering opportunities, Southampton Hub incubates new projects. In practice, this means we work with students and community partners to launch innovative ideas which tackle local social and environmental issues.
We are always happy to chat about new ideas for creating social change over a cup of tea, so drop us an email at, give us a call on 0203 958 6318, or come and say hello to us and our committee on campus!
Libraries Plus and BioCycle all started as incubated projects and there's plenty of potential to turn your ideas into reality.
Check out our What's On page and keep up to date with all of our latest events by signing up to our mailing list here.
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