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I'm having trouble applying/logging in/accessing the website. What do I do?
Get in touch with and we can recommend solutions, or report the problem to our Student Hubs tech staff support.
What can I expect when I go into the library?
You will have an induction in your library before you begin your placement, where you will get to meet library staff, see the area(s) you may be working in, and listen to any additional information (eg health and safety) that the library needs you to know.
After this, you will go into the library for your allocated placement time and day. You will go to Reception, tell them who you’re there to volunteer for, and should be met by a member of staff and be led to your area.
If you feel that things haven’t been as expected during your school placement for whatever reason, please speak to your sub-committee members, the Libraries Plus Coordinator or a member of staff, and we will help you to resolve the issue.
What happens if I want to change my placement?
We ask that all volunteers commit to the same library during the first term of their placement. We work off a preference system so do try to make sure you get your choice of placement. You may be able to change your placement in the second semester, and we will contact you in December to ask about this.
We can also recommend other Southampton Hub programmes if you would like a different type of experience, or are unable to give the adequate time commitment the following semester.
What is a DBS certificate and why do I need one to volunteer?
A DBS certificate is a check of your criminal record, which confirms whether or not you are able to work with children and vulnerable adults. Many schools will require volunteers to have a DBS for safeguarding reasons and our staff team will tell you whether or not this is the case when your placement is decided.
It takes several weeks to receive a certificate, so please complete your application as soon as possible. Our staff team will explain how to do this during your selection/training workshop. If you have lived outside of the UK during the last 5 years, and/or have previous convictions, reprimands, or final warnings, it will take longer to obtain a certificate.
If you have previous convictions, this does not mean you cannot volunteer. If this situation arises, we review your ability to volunteer on a case by case basis. We encourage you to get in touch with Sophie at to discuss in more detail if this is the case.
If you already have a DBS certificate, it can be no more than a year old, and must cover children.
What if there's a problem/issue during my placement?
Please speak to someone! This may be a sub-committee member, the Libraries Plus Coordinator at, or a member of staff at We want all of our volunteers to have a good experience, and we may not be aware of the problem/issue you are facing.
The staff team ask for mid-year and end of year feedback during your placement to continue to improve placement quality, however you can feedback about problems/issues at any time during your placement.
If the issue/problem involves other volunteers/sub-committee/committee members, we strongly encourage you to speak to staff who can deal with the issue in a confidential and impartial way.
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