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Apply to join the Southampton Hub Committee for 2020- 2021!

Informaton icon Apply to join the Southampton Hub Committee for 2020- 2021!

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We’re looking for passionate and dedicated students to join our student-led committee to help Southampton Hub achieve its vision and mission of getting all students into social action. The activities of the Southampton Hub core committee are aimed at engaging students in social change, deepening the understanding of social issues and engaging with the local Southampton Community community. Scroll down to find out which roles we are recruiting for!

To make an application, use the APPLY button above. We will be intouch as soon as possibe to discuss your application. Please note, as we are a society these roles will be votes on at our AGM in April.


As a committee member you will be supported by Southampton Hub staff. You will recieve weekly training and advice from both them and your fellow committee members. You will work closely with staff to provide training, resources and events to Southampton Hub volunteers and the local community.

Commitment Committee members are expected to stay in their role for the whole year. All committee members are expected to attend 1 hour weekly meetings and regular catch ups with staff. Commitment differs with each programme so please see job roles for specifics.

Skills and Employability All of our programmes are supported by students and staff. As part of the committee, you will be supported by the Hub Manager and Youth Projects Officer.

Specific skills that you will gain from these roles include: leadership, communication, team work, adaptability, problem solving and public speaking. In adition to enhancing these skills, you will recieve additional training on ccommunications, safeguarding, diversity and inclusion, employability and CVs.

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Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner