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Find out about how Southampton Hub volunteers can support you as a community partner.

Informaton icon Find out about how Southampton Hub volunteers can support you as a community partner.

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Who are Southampton Hub?

Southampton Hub is a local branch of the national charity, Student Hubs. Our team of volunteers and staff work in partnership with the University of Southampton and support students to run practical volunteering projects in the local community.

Southampton Hub have been active in the community since 2011 (see our history here), and we are always looking to expand our capacity for volunteers, projects and partnerships in the local community with various institutions, organisations and businesses.

What projects do you run?

We have several youth projects which may be of interest for schools: Schools Plus (academic tutoring and clubs), Libraries Plus (tutoring in libraries), Branch Up (activity days for disadvantaged young peoople), and Empower (in-school mentoring for secondary school children).

For sustainable and ethical organisations: BioCycle, a project which tackles food waste in the local community by collecting and recycling it locally.

What if my project/opportunity doesn’t fit into those categories?

Please get in touch! Part of our work involves incubating new projects, and we want to work with students and community partners to build new opportunities for volunteering. Libraries Plus and BioCycle were all student-incubated projects.

Is there anything I should be aware of?

Our volunteering projects only take place during the university academic term-time. The timeline for students typically volunteering is as follows:

  • Late September - late October: Recruitment, selection, training, matching of placement and DBS processing (if applicable)
  • Late October - December: Students volunteer in projects
  • December - January: No volunteering due to holidays and exam period. Staff collect mid-year project evaluations over email, phone and in-person meetings
  • February - mid-March: Students volunteer in projects
  • Mid-March onwards: Volunteering finishes for the year due to Easter holidays and the following exam period. Staff collect end of year evaluations over email, phone and in-person meetings

This amounts to 12-13 weeks across the academic year of volunteering from our students, with students typically dedicating 1-2 hours a week including travel. The exception to this is our activity day projects, Branch Up, which take place between 10am-4pm on Saturdays over the university term-time.

Who will be my main contact during the project?

Staff generally will be your main contact as a project is being set up, however once this project launches, student coordinators will take over this communication. Our projects are led by students and it is an excellent opportunity for them to lead others, engage with partners in a professional way, and get career-ready experience. In practice this will mean students speaking to you about project logistics, weekly contact and check-ins, making you aware of any volunteer attendance issues or general feedback from students.

Staff meet student coordinators on a weekly basis and support all students coordinators and volunteers with training and issues. The staff team are available to discuss issues either by email, over the phone or in person with you throughout any stage of the project, and will be directly in touch for mid-project and end of project feedback.

Who do I contact about setting up a partnership with Southampton Hub?

Get in touch with Sophie Ford, Southampton Hub Manager, at or by calling 0203 958 6318, who will be able to talk about practicalities and next steps.


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